Cooking equipment manufacturer: misunderstanding of stainless steel kitchen equipment in use

2022-02-18 381

  1. Cooking with wine

  When stainless steel kitchen equipment is cooking at high temperature, if wine seasoning is added, the alcohol in the wine will freely dissolve chromium and nickel in stainless steel. After decomposition and fusion of food and soup, harmful substances will be produced, which will affect the absorption and digestion of human body.

  2. Boil medicine

  Under heating conditions, various alkaloids and other biochemical substances contained in the medicine will decompose, and it is easy to have various chemical reactions with active metal elements in stainless steel kitchenware, which will greatly reduce the efficacy and even produce some toxins. Therefore, when cooking medicine, you should choose casserole or special medicine pot.


  3. Use strong acid, strong alkali, bleaching powder or steel ball

  When cleaning dirty stainless steel kitchen equipment, it should be noted that strong acid, strong alkaline cleaning agent or bleaching powder are not suitable for cleaning the surface, because it will damage the outer plating protective layer, and relatively hard steel balls cannot be used for scrubbing. Instead, use a relatively soft cloth. After each cleaning, the water shall be cleaned in time and kept dry.

  4. The fire raged

  Although stainless steel has good thermal conductivity, its heat dissipation effect is not ideal. If you cook food with high fire or high fire, it is easy to burn the bottom of the pot black, which will affect the thermal conductivity of stainless steel kitchen equipment for a long time.

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