High temperature steam disinfection cabinet: can dishwasher replace disinfection cabinet

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  1. Why does this "consumption misunderstanding" appear?

  Just think, the hot restaurant business also means that there are mountains of dishes and chopsticks without dishwasher, which makes you feel nervous; Some dishwasher factory bosses upgraded the functions of the dishwashers later launched.

  In addition to washing dishes, it also has the functions of cleaning bacteria, drying and washing vegetables. In the advertisement, it is publicized that in addition to washing dishes, it can also clean bacteria at high temperature. It only needs the money of a dishwasher to buy a dishwasher and a disinfection cabinet, and there is no need to spend money on other disinfection cabinets.

  Remind us that this is actually a kind of "consumption misleading" of manufacturers, because the main function of dishwasher is washing, and cleaning bacteria is only one of the additional functions. This additional function of cleaning flora cannot be compared with the disinfection function of disinfection cabinet.

  2. Why can't the disinfection cabinet be replaced by the dishwasher?

  The fundamental reason why disinfection cabinets cannot be replaced by dishwashers is that their essential functions are different. The function of disinfection cabinet is to store, dry, clean bacteria and disinfect tableware; The dishwasher cleans the tableware, so the positioning and function of the two are different.

  Although many dishwashers now proclaim that the dishwasher has the function of cleaning bacteria at high temperature, when viewing the introduction of dishwashers from different manufacturers on an e-commerce platform, acange found that most dishwashers generally carry out the function of cleaning bacteria in the process of washing, and generally use 70-80 ℃ water for boiling to clean bacteria, But can this really clean up the flora at high temperature?

  According to the specification requirements formulated by China, the steam temperature must be above 100 ℃ and the hot air temperature must be above 120 ℃. Due to the internal structure and raw materials of the dishwasher, the temperature it can provide is less than 120 ℃. In addition, the washing process of the dishwasher is relatively long, and there will be less time to clean the flora. Compared with the disinfection time of the disinfection cabinet, this time to clean the flora is undoubtedly nothing.


  Secondly, if the temperature in the dishwasher is not enough and the cleaning flora is not clean, it will simply cause the breeding of acute diarrhea and poliovirus; There are also some microorganisms left on the dishes and chopsticks that cannot be cleaned at this temperature. They can be cleaned only when the steam provided by the disinfection cabinet is 100 ° C or the hot air is 120 ° C. In other words, the general dishwasher can not replace the disinfection cabinet to store the dishes. If you want to buy a dishwasher with more powerful drying skills, you have to pay thousands of oceans more.

  Moreover, there are three common disinfection methods of disinfection cabinet: high-temperature steam disinfection, high-temperature hot air disinfection, ozone + UV. The disinfection effect of these three disinfection methods is far stronger than boiling at 70-80 ℃, and most disinfection cabinets will choose two or three methods to clean and disinfect the flora together. Therefore, in terms of cleaning bacteria and disinfection, it is impossible for dishwashers to replace disinfection cabinets.

  Then let's say that the disinfection cabinet not only disinfects the bacteria of tableware and plates, but also has the function of storage, which is also another important factor in our purchase. Therefore, we also call the disinfection cabinet as the disinfection cupboard. To solve the storage problem, the purchase time scale is particularly important;

  Then, in the past, the restaurant was a business place that provided catering products and intangible services for guests; In today's era, people define restaurants as places that provide communication between guests, between guests and food, and between guests and nature; Therefore, the product design and marketing planning of your business place must respect the needs of guests, especially psychological needs; Now we don't have to worry about food or clothing, but when we go to the restaurant, the food on the tip of your tongue will be basically protected. The steam disinfection cabinet is the guardian of the food on the tip of your tongue.

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